Mike & Baily Gibson

Mike was born and raised in Cyril, Oklahoma where he spent a large part of his life carrying on the family tradition of riding and training horses.  Mike has worked at several horse ranches during his career and understands the requirement and mentality to produce an effective ranch horse.  Additionally, Mike has participated for many years in western ranch competition events and has used this experience to effectively train competition horses for numerous clients.

Mike uses only natural horsemanship training methods similarly employed by such experts as Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox.  Mikes emphasis is safety with all training for both rider and horse.  Mikes methods are gentle and based on earning the trust of the horse through patience and perseverance.  Mike believes this methodology builds the horses confidence to facilitate the horse achieving their full potential.  Mike specializes in starting colts, working with "problem" horses, and providing refresher training for horses who haven't been worked for a while.Mike went to farrier school in 2011 and received his certifications.  When Mike is not training horses, he is shoeing horses.

Baily Gibson, spouse to Mike Gibson, was born and raised about 20 miles NE of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Similar to Mike, she spent the majority of her life in riding and training horses.  Baily started riding competition when she was 14 years old and immediately discovered her life passion for riding and training competition horses.

Baily attended the Canadian Valley Votech in Chickasha, Oklahoma in 1999 and received a certificate in "training the speed event horse."  Baily has been actively involved in competition events on and off throughout her career, taking some time off to raise 5 beautiful children.  She is now back in the saddle and competing again while passing on her skills and knowledge to her children as well as other adults/children desiring to learn about riding horses.

Mike and Baily moved to Texas in 2005 and have broken and trained numerous horses together for multiple clients.

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