We strongly believe in God, family and the healing power of horses.  


Our purchase of Tempe Creek Ranch in 2013 was primarily based on finding a safe refuge for family to gather, and share in the peace and serenity of the country.  There was something special about Tempe Creek Ranch where one could feel the presence of God.  At the time we purchased Tempe Creek Ranch, we also recognized the property was ideal for horses as there were existing structures in place that would be ideal for horses to be cared for in a safe environment.  Our need to provide this safe environment has led to numerous improvements and rehabilitation of the land and structures here at Tempe Creek Ranch.

Shelley has been very involved with SIRE, a therapeutic horse riding organization, for several years.  SIRE has been improving the quality of life for people with special needs and disabilities through therapeutic horsemanship.  She has seen the positive effects that can occur when a bonding relationship occurs between horse and rider.  This has encouraged her to pursue establishing a horse facility where families can purchase horses that satisfy their family’s needs, skills and desires and thus experience this special bonding relationship first-hand. Shelley continues to volunteer at SIRE as well as spending time at Tempe Creek Ranch assisting in the nurturing and development of our horses.

Steve has been in the oilfield for over 30 years and has been involved in the planning, execution and management of numerous projects.  Tempe Creek Ranch has provided him with a new opportunity to utilize these project management skills in developing and overseeing a quality horse facility.  Steve enjoys working with people and is always open to learning new vocations.  He has already surrounded himself with a quality ranch team.  He looks forward to continually enhancing the ranch and earning the respect and business of fellow horse enthusiasts.